Nu-Calgon offers a three year limited warranty on all iWave and NuShield products that covers any defects in material during normal use. If a warranty claim is made within the three year period, proof of purchase and proof of installation by a licensed HVAC or electrical contractor must be provided for a valid claim. This warranty does not cover labor, return shipping charges, or damage from improper installation or improper voltage usage. The iWave warranty begins on the date that the unit was installed. Installation of an iWave unit by any person other than a licensed HVAC or electrical contractor will void the warranty. For additional warranty questions, contact Nu-Calgon at

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Internet Sales Statement

For over 75 years, Nu-Calgon has a long-standing history of being the leader in the HVAC industry in specialty chemicals and Indoor Air Quality products. Nu-Calgon products are not consumer products and are intended for application and use only by professional contractors. Serious personal injury and equipment damage may result from their improper application or use or from the failure to follow a product’s specifications and instructions. Accordingly, our products should be applied or used only by a professional contractor.


Nu-Calgon sells our products directly to authorized HVACR wholesalers who in turn sell them to professional contractors. It is the wholesaler’s responsibility to sell it to trained professionals. Nu-Calgon does not sell iWave®, NuShield® or other Nu-Calgon products online to contractors, dealers, or consumers. If you see an iWave or NuShield product being offered for purchase on a consumer website, then it is being sold by an unauthorized seller and does not come with a warranty. In addition, when buying from an unauthorized dealer, we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of the product, since there are companies trying to copy iWave or NuShield products and sell them as original OEM items.


If you have a question on the authenticity of an iWave or NuShield product or seller, please contact us at

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